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  • if you reload it will all be normal again if you attack the camp, you will still be charged 12, not 16 but it would be helpful if this bug was corrected, it's just annoying
  • if you choose the right level of camps, you can 1-shot them, then every camp costs 12-15 cp to kill and gives you back 10 cp - this is a huge return for little cp spent how many camps can you kill with 7 days rt? assuming 1-2 hours per hit, that's around 100 camps you can kill for those 7 days rt, and that requires around…
  • it has gotten quiet in this thread! :D were there new updates implemented and do they prevent locking after all? a description of those involved with praise for developers is in order here
  • very nice tool!
  • most of their parameters if not all are just copies of gdi offensive units, they look different, but they behave the same
  • there is probably not one number that can describe an upgrade, for example shields are not a fixed percent of health, they depend on the level of the units one way for you to see the values of the upgrades is going to the test server (pte) and switching on the debug mode in cheat options, then you can see most of the values
  • Sorry for my English, I do not speak German, and it's a shame that this hugely important topic is again only discussed in German and everybody has to use google translate. Here are my 5 cents: On pvp lockdown: One way to make it less efficient is to count the number of attacks with low repair time. For example, make a…
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