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17.4 Patchnotes

Hi Commanders!
Below you can find the newest patchnotes with all the changes and fixes we will introduce with the 17.4 update.

Patchnotes - Version 17.4
• Front end upgrade to Qooxdoo 5.0.1
We are upgrading the game's front-end to the new framework Qooxdoo 5.0.1. This change should noticeably boost the performance and provide you with smoother gameplay overall.

• Marking reports
Reports can now be marked as read and unread. This should help you in organizing your reports or simply marking important reports as unread to be reminded of looking at them later again.

• Veteran Season 3 Preperations

• We fixed a few bugs concerning simultaneous interactions in the reward and research tabs.
• We fixed several user interface bugs.
• We fixed a browser detection problem and script failures when using Firefox 53.
• We fixed a bug where players lost their supply points when destroying buildings to reduce their rank/supply point cap.
• We fixed display issues when playing in a browser on MacOS.
• We fixed a bug where players experienced connectivity issues when playing in french.
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