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Lost benefit

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It appears that we are suffering several little issues. Formerly whilst being attacked you could upgrade your offense using the attackers crystals. This has now gone ? Also whilst trying to upgrade and the screen clearly showing sufficient power & crystal the screen does not allow upgrading . You seem to have to go through the upgrade quantity by a significant point. Annoying to say the least when one is trying to conserve repair time. Can you look into this please. My world is 34 but it may be happening on several worlds. Also a couple of weeks ago my google chrome stopped working has there been issues with it ?
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    I'm not sure I understand the issue you're describing. When being attacked, how do you use your attackers crystal? I've not seen or heard of this in the past and don't understand how this relates to repair time.

    Chrome doesn't have a general issue, although some have had problems. Try clearing cache, cookies etc. and removing scripts to see if things work then.
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