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Where are you from?

Hi guys,

Just wondering from which parts of the world everyone is and well as it's still a new forum a nice way to introduce eachother.

Something about myself: DGA_Sauron playing C&C TA since 2013, my first real world was Svet 2(Slovakia, yes still playing it) and my current world is Tiberian 20 where we are hoping to go for 4th place. I am from the Netherlands, 27 years old and in my spare time I play videogames, mostly strategy.

What about you?

Kind Regards,



  • Hey all
    started 17, main was 32, an 107, everything else was for pvp an making friends,,some things i love about the game , diplomacy, , dislike .is fix pvp, enjoy alot more of the game than i dislike an some great friends have been made here, , an thx to all the military vets, here, U.S. NAVY SHEILD ,, STORM
  • Started playing this game in Desember of last year. Never been into online gaming before (oh, yes, n00b), but I figured I needed a time waster. :P

    I play mostly on Tiberian 20. I am on my third alliance now. My aim is of, course, to have my bases as strong as possible, and at one point destroy the fortress.

    Also, I am from Norway, and I like the cold. ;)
    - Fimbulwinter, the prelude to ragnarok.
  • hi all im from nicaragua and i play in many servers active in firestorm5, wrath2, tiberian 23

    not a top player but i play like 9 hours at day

    i live in central america so i like sunny days and cold beers
  • methuselah
    428 posts Senior Moderator
    hello all! I am 54 years old, I live just outside of Dallas, Texas in the USA, I've been commanding and conquering for a long, long time and I've been playing TA 2,062 days (so sayeth the clock in closed beta 1) and I'm still going strong!
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