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  • bambaalis
    29 posts Member
    edited July 2017
    it will remove taxi army's, that is fun for PvP. Also it will make harder to hit "big" accounts from smaller ones, that is hard case already, when N1 alliance kill's the rest of the server. Case is - no damage hits..not that smally attacks biggy..
  • IrkedMax
    39 posts Member
    I'm confused. Why cant you guys kill the "Locking" base so that it cant protect the big base?
  • cause if ur smartie.. u lock it too.. and if needed, u do like 3-4 steps locking haha.. and normally locker of the locker is deep in cluster ;)
  • seems, "locking" is not such an hard case, as people say hehe
  • hmm.. 5.5k views lol.. maybe, i could give some "locking" lessons? so all could use this nasty option.. that would equalize chances at least..? if any interest - please post ;)
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