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What is going on in Tib1, it crashes/Global error 20 as fast as you log in there.

If you click on you base you get offens, click on offens you get defence, after a few clicks you can se your base.....



  • Hi BlindeKnaZ.

    We are currently looking into this issue and and trying to find a solution as soon as possible.
    Please stay sharp!

    Cheers, inSepp
  • HeLLo.

    What are you doing?

    After upgrade in WC2017, all crashes as tiberian1.

    Im getting realy bored on your new upgrade. Cant do anything, only collect creats and upgrade base, rest is **** up totaly.

    Go back and do it right, all ower again..... FIX IT NOW !!!

  • gamerdruid
    3960 posts Moderator
    The upgrade isn't broken! It's the old scripts not working that is causing the issues. Check out the Crucial All in One script - it mainly works on 17.4
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