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Wrath 17 starting June 14

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edited June 2017
We have a new world coming your way this week Friday.
On Wednesday, June 14, we will be launching a new world, Wrath 17.

So is it Wednesday or Friday? :smile:
Assume it is Wednesday but the announcement states Friday also


  • Frummi
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    Yes, it is Wednesday of course. Fixed now. Thanks for the hint.
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  • Dammitbooy
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    But it has morale? Ugh
  • What does morale world mean?
  • gamerdruid
    5022 posts Moderator
    I means that your army has reduced willingness to fight an army that is a much higher level forgotten entity (camp/outpost/base).

    It is the same function that you see on non-forgotten attack worlds that are now described as 'classic'. In other words, they are classic worlds with forgotten attacks.
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  • Thx Druid!
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