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Unable to relocate

I'm playing on Wrath 17 but I'm unable to relocate. I can move my base but the relocate button is grayed out. I have relocated recently on another world, would this affect it? I found the following code on a forum:


which returns 8 which means FailHasPlayerRelocateLockDown...

Not sure why I can't relocate, any ideas?


  • gamerdruid
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    edited June 2017
    Each world is a separate entity so relocation on one world shouldn't affect another.

    You know more than I do to find and read the code - I would suggest clearing cache & cookies just in case the cross-world contamination has happened.

    Also, you can't relocate on a new world for 24h. As Wrath 17 is less than 24h old that is likely to be the reason.
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  • Thanks didn't know the 24hr rule for a new world, that will be it.
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