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I have taken the following from the old forum as much of it is still useful information for new players. I've left the original answers in but have used the strikethrough and added my own answers where I felt the answer given was incomplete or not correct at this time (due to changes in the game).

Please note that although care has been taken to provide correct information, no rights can be derived from the contents of this FAQ.
If you find an error, or you have a suggestion, please send me a PM

FAQ - General

Q: When does Nod become available?
A: Nod has been deployed on the Close Beta Servers and English Servers. They will be deployed on the other servers next week.
A: Games are either GDI or Nod. To play as the other you have to start a new game on a different server.

Q: Why do Forgotten not attack my base?
A: They may do so in the future Some worlds are designates as 'Forgotten Attack' worlds and some are designated as 'Classic' worlds. On 'Classic' worlds the forgotten do not attack. Additionally, on some forgotten attack worlds morale has been introduced. Read the announcement for each world to make sure you know the type of world you are joining.

Q: When does feature X become available? I want it NOW!
A: When it's ready. Unless a date is confirmed by a CM, you cannot rely on a feature being available at some given date.

Q: What is multi-accounting?
A: The usage of multiple accounts by one person, on the same server.

Q: Is multi-accounting allowed?
A: This will be adressed in the Terms of Service (ToS), when the game releases.
This has become a problem since these FAQ's were released. It is now an accepted part of the game that you can have more than one account (multi-accounting) but you must not use them to gain an unfair advantage.

Q: I have found a bug. What should I do?
A: Go to the "Feedback & Bugs" subforum, and report it there, if it isn't already reported. Specify your browser and version, and attach a screenshot if possible.

Q: I have low FPS, but a good computer. What gives?
A: Generally, your browser. Try updating to the latest version of FireFox or Internet Explorer or Chrome. If that doesn't help, try another from these browsers, or disable some features (in-game, bottom left, click "Options")

Q: I get an error "OFFLINEOFFLINE: SIMPLE COMMAND ERROR" or similar. What is going on?
A: The game was unable to connect to the game servers. Either your internet is unavailable, or the game servers are down. Check your internet, the game will attempt to reconnect automatically.

Q: I get an error "SYSTEM LOGOUT". What is going on?
A: Go back to the C&C:TA home page, and log in using your EA account. If you are already logged in, try logging out first.

Q: I get an error "SESSION CLOSED". What is going on?
A: You have logged on in another browser (or tab) to the same server. You can only be connected once to any given server, so one of the sessions was closed. (Note: you can have simultaneous connections to different servers)

Q: Something doesn't work. What can I try to solve it?
A: Close your browser, clear cache, and try again. This solves the majority of problems. If it still fails, try disabling browser plugins and WebGL. Also try disabling any 3rd party scripts.

Q: The game doesn't work on my iPhone/iPad/Android other mobile device. What can I do?
A: Right now, nothing. However, the game will be released on some mobile devices eventually

FAQ - Funds, payment and billing

Q: What are Funds?
A: Funds are an in-game currency used across several EA Play4Free titles, including C&C:TA
A:Funds are an in-game currency used to purchase crates of resources (crystal, tiberium and power), repair time and command points.

Q: How can I get Funds?
A: You can get funds either by buying them with real money, or by using 3rd party supported offers (typically, advertising and questionnaires). You can access those functions by using the "Add Funds" button in-game.

Q: I made a mistake using my Funds. Can I get my Funds/money back?
A: You can try to contact EA Support to explain your case at http://help.ea.com/

Q: I did not get my Funds! Can you give them to me?
Q: I have paid, but not received my Funds! Can you fix this for me?
A: For payment/billing: You should contact EA Billing Support at http://help.ea.com/
NOTE: These forums cannot assist with individual funds issues. We do highlight if there is a general problem via the Announcements and News forum.

Q: I am unable to find how to contact someone at the http://help.ea.com/ site. How does it work?
A: Sure, here is a walkthrough
Go to http://help.ea.com, select the "Contact Us" section (right side bar, VERY BIG LETTERS) (or go directly, at https://help.ea.com/contact-us )
Log in with your EA account (the same one you use to play C&C:TA)
For game, select "C&C Tiberium Alliances", for category, select "Billing/Purchasing" (or any other actegory, depending on your issue)
Contact methods will light up, at the least there should be "Email me". Click it.
Clearly describe the issue you are having. Include relevant information (such as transaction ID's etc). Send the email.
Get a response within 24 hours (at the mail address associated with your EA account).
Here's guide with pictures: http://forum.alliances.commandandconquer...p?tid=6266

Q: The response from http://help.ea.com/ doesn't help me, and they told me to come to the forums. How can I get help?
A: Make a new topic, or reply to an existing topic with the same problem, and try to include relevant information (screenshots, if applicable, would help a lot). Alternatively, contact one of the forum staff directly (using a PM). Include your Support Ticket ID from http://help.ea.com if applicable.
Alternatively contact a moderator or member of staff by Private Message with the support ticket ID if you have one. The issue will be looked at as soon as possible and an acknowledgement issued.

Q: This questionnaire I have finished did not complete! Can you help me?
Q: This 3rd party supported offer does not work!
A: Contact SponsorPay Support, use the "Support" link on their page

Q: Why can you not help me here?
A: Because this is the C&C:TA forum, which is managed by the people from Envision Phenomic (the developers of C&C:TA). These people cannot fix or diagnose payment or billing issues, nor are they directly associated with SponsorPay. All these things are managed by an entirely different section of EA, whose employees do not read this forum. Instead, contact EA Support or SponsorPay directly, so you can get help form the people whose job it is to help you

FAQ - Resources

Q: What resources are available in the game?
A: There are 7 resources in the game:
Tiberium - used to improve your base and some static defenses.
Crystal - used to improve defenses and army.
Power - used to improve your base, defenses and army
Credits - used for research and to transfer resources between your own bases
Research Points - used for research
Supply Points - used to activate supply packages
Command Points - used to perform attacks

Q: What is tib? and crys?
A: These are common short names for resources:
Tiberium - tib or green
Crystal - crys or blue
Credits - creds or $
Research Points - RP
Supply Points - SP
Command Points - CP

Q: What are global resources? And local resources?
A: Some resources are "shared" between all your own bases, and these are considered global. Those are credits, research points, supply points and command points. All other resources (tiberium, crystals and power) are local to one base, and can only be used inside that base. Local resources can be transferred between bases (at the cost of credits), with the exception of power.

FAQ - Economy

Q: How do I get resources?
A: You can get resources by building structures that generate resources, by doing combat (see below), by completing missions, or by using supply packages.

Q: Which buildings produce which resources?
A: There are two types of resource buildings, "generators" and "boosters".
Tiberium - Generated by harvester (on a green field), boosted by silo
Crystal - Generated by harvester (on a blue field), boosted by silo
Power - Generated by power plant, boosted by blue fields and accumulators
Credits - Generated by refinery, boosted by green fields and power plants
Q: You didn't mention some resources! Why?
A: The other resources are not produced by buildings, but by other means:
Research Points - Only available through combat
Supply Points - Generate at a constant rate (depending on the player level)
Command Points - Generate at a constant rate (always 10 per hour)

Q: How do "generator"-type buildings work?
A: These buildings generate a resource package at a given interval (interval and package amount depend on the building level). You can collect those by clicking on them.
In addition, if the appropriate "booster"-type building is located next to it, they will also generate a continuous amount of resources (continuous amount depends on the generator-building level). This additional income is enabled regardless of the number or level of appropriate "booster"-type buildings. For example, a single level 1 silo will enable this additional income for any nearby harvester.

Q: How do "booster"-type buildings work?
A: In addition to enabling the continuous production in "generator"-type buildings (see above), these buildings also generate a continuous amount of resources for each nearby appropriate "generator"-type building (continuous amount depends on the booster-building level). This additional income is independent of the level of the "generator"-type buildings, but is awarded for each nearby "generator"-type building. For example, a silo will generate 3 additional incomes if there are 3 harvesters (of any level) nearby.

Q: How do "booster"-type fields work?
A: Refineries and power plants are also boosted by fields. These boosts do not require a harvester to be on the field, but this is allowed. Each field adds continuous production to the "generator"-type buildings (see above). The amount of additional continuous production depends on the level of the "generator"-type building.

Q: I noticed you talking about nearby. What exactly is nearby?
A: Buildings are considered nearby if they are next to each other (either vertically, horizontally or diagonally). Thus, any given building has a maximum of 8 nearby buildings (or less, if it's near the edge of a base)

Q: I am confused. Can you give an example?
A: Most certainly. Let's take a look at this piece of base:

The lv18 tiberium harvesters all generate a package of tiberium.
The lv12 crystal harvesters all generate a package of crystal.
Continuous on the harvesters:
The lv18 tiberium harvesters all generate continuous resources, because there is a silo nearby.
The lv12 crystal harvesters all generate continuous resources, because there is a silo nearby.
Continuous on silo's:
The left silo generates two continuous streams of tiberium and two continuous streams of crystal.
The right silo generates two continuous streams of tiberium and three continuous streams of crystal.
Q: How do I pick up the packages generated by "generator"-type buildings?
A: Just click on them. You can also click on the "Collect All" button to collect all available packages in that base.

Q: What if I don't pick up packages?
A: Each building can store up to two packages. If two packages are present, the building stops producing additional packages until the packages are picked up by the player.

Q: How much resources can I store in my base?
A: That depends on the buildings. The Construction Yard provides a bit of storage space for each local resource. You can expand this storage by building additional storage buildings, or upgrading existing ones. These are the storage buildings:
Tiberium - Stored by silo
Crystal - Stored by silo
Power - Stored by accumulator

Q: What happens when I am at the storage capacity?
A: When you reached the maximum storage capacity for a resource, the continuous income of that resource is discarded. This is indicated by a red amount in your base. You can still collect packages, and gather income from combat or mission rewards. Continuous production will automatically resume as soon as the amount drops below the storage level (either by spending the resource, transferring it to another base, or improving the storage capacity).

Q: What about supply points?
A: Supply points can be used to activate supply packages. Each supply package costs 10 supply points to activate. The amount and type of resource awarded depends on the supply package.

Q: What are the different types of packages?
A: There are packages for tiberium, crystal, power, credits and command points. Command point packages always yield 12 CP, for all other packages, the amount awarded depends on the level of the player when the package was obtained.

Q: How do I get packages?
A: You can find them in combat (see below), get them as a reward for a mission you completed, or acquire them using Funds.

Q: How do I easily activate packages?
A: Click on the blue "+" icon at the top of the screen (for local resources), or in the left bar (for global resources). This will activate any stored package at the current player level (if available) or buys a package using funds and activate that. A green overlaid "F" indicates that funds will be used to buy a package. A grey "+" icon indicates that you don't have enough supply points to activate the package.

Q: How do I activate packages not at the current player level?
A: Go to inventory dialog (top bar), and manually activate the package. For local resources, ensure that you currently have the base selected where you want to send the resources.

FAQ - Points of Interests

Q: What are Points of Interests?
A: There are several Points of Interests (POI) spread all over the of the Forgotten territory. These buildings will offer boost for every player's base within the alliance.

Q: What kind of bonuses are there?
A: Here is a list of the different Points of Interested and their respective bonuses.
Uranium Compound: Increases the damage inflicted of any attacking infantry unit of all alliance members.
Tungsten Compound: Increases the damage inflicted of any attacking vehicle of all alliance members.
Aircraft Guidance Network tower: Increases the damage inflicted of any attacking aircraft unit of all alliance members.
Resonator Network Tower: Increases the durability of all defending units of all alliance members
Tiberium Control Network Hub: Adds an additional fixed amount of tiberium production per hour to each base of the alliance
Crystal Control Network Hub: Adds an additional fixed amount of crystal production per hour to each base of the alliance
Reactor – Adds an additional fixed amount of power production per hour to each base of the alliance.

Q: How do I gain these bonuses?
A: To gain a particular boost, the respective POI will need to remain in your territory. This control will augment your alliance's bonus gains. Every player's base in your alliance will receive the bonus regardless of location on the world.

Q: How do I improve these bonuses?
A: The potential gains will increase exponentially as POIs are acquired closer to the center. So, there are two ways; higher and multiple POIs of a particular type will stack points to reach the next tier bonus level. There is also a rank multiplier which is compounded on the base bonus. Your total score for a particular type and its relationship to the other alliances determines how much of the multiplier is applied.

FAQ - Combat

Q: What types of combat can be performed?
A: There are two types of combat, against forgotten (PvE) and against other players (PvP).

Q: How do I attack something?
A: In the world map, select the base you want to attack, and press "Attack" in the pop-up menu. Note that combat will not start immediately, so you can look around possible targets and select the one you think is best.

Q: How much does combat cost?
A: To start combat, you pay an amount of command points (CP). The amount depends on the distance to the target, and the target territory type. In addition, you incur repair costs if your units are damaged or destroyed.

Q: Can I see the enemy base structures?
A: Yes, select the blue "arrow up" icon to scroll to the base view of the opponent. You can use this to locate where the buildings are located that you wish to destroy

Q: Can I change my unit setup?
A: Yes, you can. When in the attack setup, you can click on any of your units and click to another spot in the grid to move it there. If another unit is already in that spot, the units are swapped

Q: How should I set up my units?
A: Read your unit descriptions, and try to put them in a location that they will encounter enemy units that they are strong against

Q: Which buildings should I focus on destroying?
A: In general, your target is the enemy Construction Yard. If you destroy that, you automatically destroy the entire base. (And get all the resources and supply packages that may have been there). If you think you cannot destroy the Construction Yard in one go, sometimes you may want to target the Defense Facility, so you can have an easier second attack, or the Defense HQ, if all you want is the supply package.

Q: How does the Defense Facility work?
A: The Defense Facility repairs the defenses (units and structures in the defense field) automatically after each attack, up to a maximum of 70% of the health that unit started with before the attack. A damaged Defense Facility is less effective (repairs less). A Defense Facility is also less effective in repairing defenses of a higher level than the Defense Facility itself.

Q: How do I get supply packages through combat?
A: Some Forgotten camps, outposts or bases contain a supply package. You will receive the supply package by destroying the building marked with the supply package icon in the base. The type of package you receive is random.

Q: What resources do I gain when attacking?
A: You get a fixed number of resources when destroying any base building (you can see the amounts if you hover your mouse over a building when setting up an attack).
In PvE, on the world map you can see green and blue camps, which represent they are either rich in tiberium or crystals, respectively. Thus, you can pick targets that store the resources you are looking for most. PvE also awards some credits, in addition to tiberium and crystals.
In PvP, if your attack succeeds in damaging any building, you get all "over-capacity" tiberium and crystal that may be stored in that base (indicated with a red amount in your own bases). You can get ALL the tiberium and crystal stored in the player's base if you can reduce the storage-cap to zero (either by destroying all the silo's, or the construction yard). There is no way to know how much resources are stored in a player's base beforehand.
Additionally, in both PvP and PvE, research points (RP) are gained for every attack, even if the attack is unsuccessful (deals no base damage).

Q: Can I get power from attacking?
A: No. (You can however, in some cases, get a supply crate that awards power).

Q: Do I get all the resources available if I destroy the Construction Yard?
A: Yes. This includes any supply package (if there is one in the base).

Q: What types of Forgotten can I attack?
A: A camp (lightly defended, low resources), an outpost (heavily defended, high resources) or a base (heavily defended, medium resources + territory)

Q: Territory?
A: When you destroy another player's base, or a Forgotten Base (not camp or outpost), you get control over the territory that the base covered for the next 24 hours. You can then relocate your own bases there, if you want. After 24 hours, the territory reverts to the closest base, or neutral territory if no base is close enough.

Q: My unit was damaged or destroyed! Is it gone?
A: No, your units just need to be repaired. Repairing each unit costs an amount of crystals and repair time.

Q: My units were damaged or destroyed. Can I sell them and buy new ones instead of repairing them?

Q: How do I repair my units?
A: Go into the "offense" section of your base. Click the repair icon once. You are now in "repair mode". You can click on any unit to repair only that unit. You can also click the "Repair All" button on the right side to repair all units. If you have insufficient resources to repair all units, units are repaired equally until resources run out.

Q: What is repair time?
A: Repair time is used to repair your army units to full health. Each base can store up to 12 hours of repair time. Whenever you repair a unit, the amount is reduced. If you have no more repair time stored, you cannot repair your units any more.

Q: What is "typed" repair time?
A: Each unit is typed as either infantry, vehicle or aircraft. Whenever you repair a unit, it will try to first use up any "typed" repair time of that unit's type, and if that runs out, it will use "untyped" repair time for the remainder. Whenever "untyped" repair time is used, you will get an equal amount "typed" repair time of all the other types. Thus, if you use all three unit types, you can repair more efficiently. Any "typed" repair time is discarded whenever you attack from that base.

Q: I am confused. Can you give an example?
A: Most certainly. Suppose you have these units, and they are all destroyed
A missile squad, repair time 10:00
A riflemen squad, repair time 10:00
A guardian, repair time 15:00
A pitbull, repair time 15:00
A paladin, repair time 20:00
The total repair time for your army is 30:00, because of "typed" repair (vehicles group has 30:00, aircraft group has 20:00, infantry group has 20:00). You can always see a specification of the repair times whenever you hover your mouse over the "Repair All" button.

Q: What determines the repair cost of my unit?
A: The unit's level determines the repair cost in crystals. The repair time of the unit is a function of the unit's level, and the level of the corresponding army structure. For example, a riflemen squad takes less repair time if you have a high level barracks.

Q: I always run out of repair time before I run out of CP! What can I do?
A: There are three ways to improve your situation:
Attack easier targets, so your army takes less damage
Upgrade your army structures (barracks, factory, airfield) so repairing takes less time
Add another army in another base. Each base has it's own repair time storage.

I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
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