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Tiberian 23 OFFLINE !!

5 posts Member
Fix it please, its been buggy as hell as of late and now its OFFLINE


  • clemo05
    6 posts New member
    hi, whats going on with tib 23, have had nothing but issues over the last 2 weeks with this world disconnecting, also was hitting a fb this morning and it disconnected me half way through what a waste of my resources, come on guys sort this out please


  • gamerdruid
    3183 posts Moderator
    As there isn't a general ruckus being raised in here about tib23 I assume it's either a local problem or a connection problem local to you.

    I suggest a thorough clean out of old scripts (most need changing since 17.4 was introduced) and of the cache, internet history etc to rule out the setup on the machine(s) you're using
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  • xrrt
    5 posts Member
    its OFFLINE
  • xrrt
    5 posts Member
    come one guys, for the past 3 hours the server has been going up and down like someones undies.
  • Frummi
    123 posts Member
    We restarted the server. Is everything working again?
    Not working here anymore. Contact Tjapka for help.
  • clemo05
    6 posts New member
    hi, everything seems to be working ok so far, will feedback if any issue accur
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