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When can we have Red Alert 4

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Hello EA,
I am a fan of Red Alert Series from Asia. I played this series when i was 7 or 8. I like this game especially RA2. But i didn’t get any updated news since RA 3. I am just wondering if we (Yes, I just said "we" not just "me". I have a group of friends, we are all fans of Rea Alert ) can have Red Alert 4 in the near future. Does your company have any plan for Red Alert series game or does your company gave up this series already?
Well, i know that for most of you guys, RA series just one of the games. But for me, it is more likely to a good memory from my childwood, i am looking for the new RA game coming out.
Thank you and i hope i can get the response from EA.
My Email address is <<removed>>
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