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Is the Command & Conquer series dead?

Back in 2009, I played Red Alert 3 and I enjoyed everything about it. The music composition was beautiful. Now, its just clash of clans, mobile strike, etc. I kinda hate the type of pay to win model and its limits for their in game resources. The only surviving RTS is Starcraft by making tournaments. I know Generals 2 is cancelled, but it feels everything the series have is now left in the dark and might never come back.

If there is a comeback, I would be surprised to either be revive Generals or another Red Alert. Depending how long, it might possibility be in the 2020s.


  • methuselah
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    I think it is alive and well in terms of the fanbase but with each passing day and nothing new to look forward to it dies just a little more. Pretty sad :'(
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  • A big part is the history of CnC. Westwood studios was sold and so was CnC. EA took over and its basically been wedged into EA's system of pay to win. Because with the DLC and micro transaction models are much more profitable. I know because i play my ps4 after i stopped playing this and found my PS4 games to be more expensive to game then this game was, even if i kept funding it max levels all server.

    The one thing CnC does have is its legacy. Its the OG of these strategy games. But really, the makers of boom boom beach and clash is better then most other studios out there and have taken most of the new generation. Us older guys may remember and love this franchise but the future has been dark since most kids now think of BOom boom beach like we think of CnC.

    They made one attempted but the demo was so bad, they Axed the whole game. Which is a HUGE lose to EA. Best hope would be CnC gets sold to a new hot studio like rockstar etc who would come in and completely revive and modernize this franchise.
  • Slightly off topic. Is there any chance that the original; Command and conquer series and the tiberian series be update to run off windows 10?
  • gamerdruid
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    There are third party solutions to allow the old CnC series run on W10.

    Look in the forums below dedicated to the series.-
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  • the whole c&c series is available on origin , its included in origin-access , where you pay 25 euro's a year to get games worth 100's of euro's.
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