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Changing your in-game ID

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It is possible to change the in-game ID you're using. You may wish to change it for many reasons, some honest and legitimate, some to enhance game play in some mysterious way, some not so honest, legitimate or fair or within the rules.

1) login in to origin @ http://www.origin.com
2) go through the security questions (if any)
3) change to the new name you wish to have
4) log out of origin
5) log into https://gamecdnorigin.alliances.commandandconquer.com/WebWorldBrowser/index.aspx
immediately before logging into any TA:CnC world
6) you're done!

This method has been known to work (I've used it in the past), but it has also been known to fail. It should change all of your ID's on all worlds, but sometimes it does not!
I am not an employee of Envision or EA and the views expressed are my own.


  • it worked for me. thanks
  • Ty
    and how to change base's name pls?
  • gamerdruid
    304 posts Moderator
    Click on the base you wish to rename (it must be yours).
    Go to the button with 'Base info' on it, click on it
    This will bring up a screen with info and at the bottom a button 'Rename base' - use this and enter a new new after deleting the old name. If it corresponds to the allowed naming system (no special characters etc) then press OK - and it's done!
    I am not an employee of Envision or EA and the views expressed are my own.
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