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Forum Post Sidebar issue

On the alliance forum tab it showed 3 unread notices but did not show any unread messaged in forum. After sorting through i found the ones that were showing as notification only on the alliance forum tab.
I had clicked the same notices in the notification bar on the left to read the new Forum posts earlier and read them .
So reading from the sidebar will show as read in the alliance forum but will still post on the tab itself as unread ( A number only on alliance tab ) until the actually messages are opened in the forum which clears the tab.
This may not be PTE specific as i think i had this happen on other servers with a much higher number of messages to find.


  • gamerdruid
    5037 posts Moderator
    I agree it may not be specific to pte's - I've often had 2 messages unread and on reading the one from the forum it clears the total.

    I'd not been able (or tried) to isolate the issue as it cleared on reading any messages in the forums.
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