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What would it take to get another tiberium wars for Xbox 1?

I was addicted as a kid to Yuri's revenge and red alert. But tiberium wars for Xbox 360 had me hooked I played it 24/7 . I'm willing to get some donations going if that's what it takes? I just want the same game with better graphics and a new story. No new play style no weird stuff like when you guys killed the series with those crap spin offs. Just good old command and conquer tiberium wars for PC and Xbox 1. What needs to happen to make this game start development??


  • methuselah
    465 posts Senior Moderator
    If RTS games were more adaptable to consoles I'll bet we'd long since have had another game to play. Due to it being pretty much a pc only game at this point there is very little hope, as far as anything I've heard, of anything new like that coming down the pipeline.

    I would love it if I'm way wrong here though!
  • The game is too complex and requires too much patience for modern xbox players. Loud fast and lots of button pushing is what sells.
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