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How has this gone on for so long...

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How has the early game in-balance between nod and gdi never been addressed? The fact that Nod has no way of killing ANY vehicle early game when GDI has paladins is ridiculous. Blackhands can't kill bowlers or scrapbuses so even researching those first (a huge mistake in the early rush) does nothing. You have to wait for 1.4 mil RP to get tanks before you have a chance against vehicles. They only real weakness GDI has early game is very rocketfists. one single unit of weakness vs ALL vehicles weakness at Nod.


  • gamerdruid
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    There are always imbalances, perceived and real, in any game.

    Enough players continue to choose both GDI and NOD that these imbalances can't be important to many of them given that the strong players stay on a world for many months with both NOD and GDI.
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  • methuselah
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    There was some talk of addressing some of this some time ago but the RT changes in one of the patches seemed to kill all that. GDI does have an early advantage until shielded Cobra's which can come pretty quickly. Nod was the overpowered one IMHO, late game RT GDI simply could not come up.

    I don't think that is much of an issue now and unlike most games since they are not going at one another directly it is mostly personal preference here.
  • Well I have over come this by Running 2 accounts 1 GDI and 1 Nod
    I run them side by side and when I attack a base
    If I need Air to clear Inf I use my Nod,
    If I need Air to clear Armour I use Gdi
    I treat them as 1 Attack unit

    you could say that the In-balance encourages Multi Accounting
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