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GDI research order

All of the previous forum replies to this appear to have been deleted, so hopefully this thread will help newer players. Here is how I research my GDI accounts.

1) Pitbull (Offense, for mission award)
2) Predator (Offense)
3) Firehawk (Offense)
4) 2nd base (around day 5-6 of the server)
5) Missile Squad (Defense)
6) Guardian Cannon (Defense)
7) Falcon support & Ion Cannon support (Special)
8) 3rd base (around day 18-20)
9) Orca (Offense)
10) Commando (Offense)
11) Smoke grenade upgrade for Militant Squad (Offense) or Juggernaut (Offense)
I prefer the Smoke grenade upgrade because I usually already have 5-6 fully upgraded Militant Squads and it really helps to take down flaks and busters. At this point, my offense usually looks something like this,
6 Militant Squads
2 pitbulls, 1-2 orcas, 2 guardians
2 predators, 2 paladins
3 firehawks, 1-2 commandos
The balance between 6 air units, 6 factory units and 7-8 barracks units allows me to keep my repair time at around 2.5 hours per full run loss against Forgotten.
12) 4th base (around day 40-42)
13) Watch tower (Defense)
14) 5th base
15) Mammoth

Now I know that there will be those players that are going to say my time table is way too slow for 3rd and 4th bases and admittedly, I am not a top 100 player. I usually rank between 500-1,000 on a server, but this should give you a general guideline for what an average player can expect.


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