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Please change the red font color

Changing the red font color to a lighter one will help player the number easily.


  • Yes please
  • Agree to this, it is actually better to set an enemy alliance to 'No relationship'.
    Regards, ArveK
  • It's frustrating trying to read the red text. Needs more contrast. Simple fixes that make a huge difference in the gaming experience :)
  • We proved it and i can understand that it could be hard for some people to read it. Are there more problems beneath the enemy alliance and ruin status text?
  • yeah the ruin status text or territory claim text is difficult to read as it is also red text on a black background. Not sure what you mean by "beneath the enemy alliance" though. Thanks for looking into it for us :)
  • Maybe wrong grammer :)
    What i meant: The color of enemy alliances on the map is a dark red one and the border color is linked to the text color, so it is very difficult to read on a dark background. It will be changed with the new update.
  • gamerdruid
    3005 posts Moderator

    The Update 17.5 currently testing on PTE still has the problem, not just for those with colour blindness, but for everyone.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • It's not yet deployed on the PTE, but will be part of the Update.
  • EA changed the enemy bases from Red to Pink. Who in their right mind would ever do that. NOD bases are Red and the text has always been hard to read. All EA needed to do was to change the Text to White and that would have resolved the problem.

    TA, please get rid of the Pink color and go back to Red. Enemies have been Red forever and we need the Red enemy bases back. Please change the text to White and that should resolve all issues.
  • enigm
    109 posts Envision Developer
    Hey @PVP_Gxxx,

    after taking a deeper look into this we reworked the colour scheme on the map. You can get a first glimpse of that on the PTE if you want.
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