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NOD Research Order & other suggestions

Hello all,

I'm a long time C&C player and somewhat recently started playing TA (currently CY 12). I play NOD and only really have time to check on my base a little during the week, and play on weekends, so I am not progressing as fast as one would hope..

With that said, I am having trouble find a whole lot of resources that are up to date for RP farming tactics, RP spending order suggestions, and really just general upgrade paths. for the base. I've read some of the guides here after find this forum today and did find some useful information, but can't help wonder if much of it is outdated. I've found some suggestions that say getting your second base is priority #1, and others suggest defense upgrades are..

To my point:

1. What is the optimal upgrade path for progression for NOD?
2. What is the optimal RP spending path?
3. What is the best way to earn RP at my current level? I've read farming bases is good, but I am not sure I am high enough level yet.
4. Are there any websites or other resources you can suggest that are still maintained?

Thanks for your time reading my post, and any help in advance.


  • I may write a tutorial soon when i have time on this. Im helping some newer players and this is a common question.
  • Anyone have written a brief tutorial on this? I would be able to give some tips...
    For #1 and #2 it depends if your rushing or not.
    Basically you research vertigo by 3rd or 4th day, skip the black hand until later if you aren't rushing. Then research 2nd base, try to aim and 1 shot kill outposts for all that needed RP points and build lots of refineries, usually 3 to 4. It could be more if you wish, replacing harvesters and power plants if more space is needed. The base could be researched within a week, best I've tried is past one week. Don't know anything past this, as this is when I usually quit the server due to reasons.
    For #3 its usually attacking outposts, same, higher or lower level. Camps should only be targeted for their resource crates.
    For #4, I'm not so sure, try searching in youtube, there's lots of Tiberium Alliance Guides.

  • gamerdruid
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    The one thing that hasn't been mentioned, use Chrome or Firefox browser (32 or 64 bit) and use one of the compilation script packs. Once you get into a good alliance they will have their own recommendations for which scripts to enable/disable and may have extra ones not in a script pack.

    I used to use scripts standalone (not in a pack) but many now don't work since 17.4 so have been 'forced' to use from a pack.
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