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Dear Spammer

If you are grieved by certain people , I would suggest you ask for an apology or compensation , instead of spamming the forum . But you obviously are trying to annoy people , well done . Nobody will take you serious like this .


  • It is possible that the spammer is not responding to anything, he's just randomly posting pictures. It might be even possible that the spammer is just a bot, a highly sofisticated one. One with an ability to create accounts and spam the same 8 pictures mixed in with jumbled text.
    I dare THAT MALICIOUS spammer to show him self and write something else other than a bunch of jumbled text and show something else other than the same 8 pictures.
  • Maybe its understandable he reacts like this on insults , I have no idea what he thinks.
  • Did he post anything else other than those pictures?
  • Not that I know .
  • Mirroredhunter
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    edited July 2017
    If all the spammer is going to do is spam all those photos. I'd suggest that he rearrange all those photos per post. At least there's variety.
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  • Could anyone tell me what pages the spammer is spamming? I want to get a clue on how severe his scheme is. I plan to tackle this problem head on and eliminate the nuiscance. With the amount, he doesn't want help.
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