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Cannot start Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 Premier Edition {PC)

So, I have been wanting to play Red Alert 3 Premier Edition (PC) but, it will not launch. When I launch the .exe, the splash screen comes up as if it's going to load but, instead I get an error message. The error message states "Game cannot start. The license limit for this product has been reached. I've had this error for quite some time. I tried my own steps like uninstalling and reinstalling and testing all the compatibility settings and running as administrator. I contacted EA chat support and was given new instructions to try. I followed the steps to no avail. I have a case open for it but, I'm hoping someone has a solution. It seems to be an issue with the Premier Edition. I googled the error message when I first started getting it several years ago. The case # is 32292074.


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