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  • We don't have one actually. We're releasing new worlds dependent on how fast older ones fill up and how much players express their wish for a new world. It is unrewarding to flood the servers with new worlds, when there's no player basis who will settle them. Also you have to consider that there's a lot of other work waiting for us.
  • gamerdruid
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    So the poll was initiated on the 28th July, just around 2.5 weeks ago but before the poll was started there were plans for Wrath 18. It would have been good to know the 'next server or two' wouldn't be the ones we voted for, but may be coming later.
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  • I will start new one server only if it is FA without morale, otherwise i'm not interested to play "farmville game" anymore
  • Amiguy1
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    Classic! With all NEW servers having better Graphics.
  • Classic server required asap with 6touch tibs layout :D
  • 6*Tib layout for GDI only :p
  • Look at PTE!
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  • lordofcb1 wrote: »
    EIGringo wrote: »
    I know this game is supposed to produce money in order to pay the people who created it or manage it, but is it possible to release a server with no fund option? :D I am sure it would be fun, not for EA but for us... Think about, a classic world with no possibility of using funds.

    We cant even get a world with no malus, I think the chance of a no fund world is somewhere between 0% and 0.00000000001%

    There is actually a "no fund world", they even give you free cp, rt, and all resources($,tib,cry) and they call it the PTE Server. With a little caveat which is it can be reset anytime, but you can always start again.
  • chadthurston
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  • Hey why don't we get gifts like the settler's do to their players .. not make u buy **** to play !!!!!
  • IrkedMax
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    allow only 50 BASES max in an alliance.
    Note I said bases, not players.
    Choices about who to drop and where to park secondary bases, along with having good allies become far more strategic to the game.
  • gamerdruid
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    50 may be too small, but maybe 100 or 150. It would allow all to have 3 or to trade off for more in some way. There would need to be a controlling entity such as a CiC or SiC that 'permits' a new base or in some alliances one player would hog as many as they could get - of course that player may be the CiC!
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  • if i play again .. why not have it where we all start in middle and have to beat all 8 lvl 40 FF's at edge of map where we normally start to gain a badge ... and once an alliance has badge won no one else gets it and have no malus and have pvp fights to win the mini FF's ... make ya fight more and stop the bloody flooking farming ... go back to what game was intended for .. not Tiberium Alliances farming game ... thats possibly why no bugger plays much as game gone stale ( also the login etc and no new units upgs)
  • How about using another faction like Empire Of The Rising Sun, Scrin or China. There from CNC past games on new worlds.
  • Its kind of a toss up between FA and Classic styles. On one hand from a "game" stand point, I like the idea of having the Forgotten being able to strike back and it makes sense. But on the other hand they can get very annoying after a while too, so its understandable that worlds without attacks keep some popularity. This dynamic also seems to slightly affect the way a world develops over time as well.

    Given a choice I think that the Classic setup has a tiny advantage over FA due to them being a little more novice friendly.
  • > @ScareyBillie26 said:
    > ... make ya fight more and stop the bloody flooking farming ... go back to what game was intended for .. not Tiberium Alliances farming game ...

    I have noticed that there's an inbalance between GDI & NOD in every world the majority of the top 100 are NOD Is admin ever going to address this issue? Because of this in worlds with alliances exclusively GDI or NOD the NOD are clicking-up and it's doubtful any GDI group will badge top 4. How's that going to impact on future solo faction alliance worlds like Firestorm 11...
  • Iulius1000
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    And yet, there are players who think they are the best. I suggest you test them in the World Championship with a game where they have all the resources they conquer or buy through, BUT without SIMULATION. That's what I understand, to recognize the value of the players, really !!!
  • I would like to suggest a new tweak to the game. How about blocking accounts that have just killed the Fortress from joining a new alliance. In that way the game would be more fair to all alliances. As of right now the biggest accounts are joining the next alliance in turn to kill the fortress. And in my opinion that should be blocked for lets say 30 days.
    In that way more players would need to be active and also get a better and more fair chance to build up their current alliance and build more of their own forces instead of relying on huge accounts to do their job for them.
    So getting blocked for 30 days to create a new alliance or join an existing alliance after you have hit the Fortress. That is just my idea of a more fair setting for the game. And at the same time ensure that the current alliance or players would not be able to hit or occupying a shield control base for at least the same amount of time.
    This suggestion might not go well with some of the players, but in my opinion it would be more fair to all players and alliances in general.
  • gamerdruid
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    I keep reading tweaks and changes to the post-fortress game, none of which helps the fortress killing alliance do anything. Until a suggestion is made that helps post-fortress players with an attainable new goal then I don't see that the developers are going to be changing anything!
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
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