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    I keep reading tweaks and changes to the post-fortress game, none of which helps the fortress killing alliance do anything. Until a suggestion is made that helps post-fortress players with an attainable new goal then I don't see that the developers are going to be changing anything!
    How's about this: after the fortress has been destroyed by the winning alliance, special forgotten bases spawn on the edge of the world (Across the whole circumference). Its the retaliation of the entire forgotten armada after losing their fortress whilst they haven't went to the center in time to further enhance its defenses. These special forgotten bases can only be killed by the winning alliance (and anyone who also subsequently destroyed the fortress), and it slowly spread towards the center unless every trace of it disappears. It will be very slow, like a rate of 1 base per sector. It could be 1 base thick or up to 10 base thick.
  • gamerdruid
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    At last something new. I'm not sure that it is sufficient to attract a winning alliance to the edge of the world if they were assisted by a few wings, but it would be a start.

    I suggest after 3 fortress kills the world is locked to new players too.
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  • How's about a completely new world style? Instead of the world being a circle, it should be a very long rectangle. Its width is 4000 blocks, each 500 is a sector, like east, south or north west. To the very bottom of the world is the spawn locations. Forgotten bases are scattered throughout the region and in certain areas (like 20% of the rectangle's height) there is a forgotten fortress for an entire alliance to kill. Once that's done, the alliance moves on and that fortress is killed, leaving an empty area for other players to pass through. The Alliance would just keep going north until they cleared like 5 or more 'forgotten fortress walls'. The world's height is around 8000 blocks, with a fortress every 4000 blocks. The developers could take down the world and then increase its height.
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