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What happened to your EA Fund Sales? You used to have centered around Holidays and such and now nothing. I believe we have had only one or maybe two this year. I know I am not the only Commander that appreciates the Fund Sales. I currently play on four Servers (4, 14, 80, 104) that I fund. Thank you.


  • Usually super exciting with friends messaging you to rush and see there is a code for free funds Just adds to the fun of the game as well! Come on game developers. Some super specials are also very welcome :wink:
  • Rvtnt99
    42 posts Member
    edited August 2017
    When is the next fund Sale ? hint :D
  • Massive Spammer ! Is it not obvious to you yet , that they do not care? Show them revenge on the Battlefield
  • methuselah
    428 posts Senior Moderator
    Just ignore the spammer he's just a bitter loser with no valid issue what so ever. On the fund sales I wish I could provide much in the way of input but that is above my pay grade.

    Way above :p
  • If I had a dollar for every Rude, crude or ethnic comment that has been sent to me? I could fund for years !!
    Please pass on to someone who is in that Paygrade☺ Other games are a lot cheaper and the funds sales are getting less over time .
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