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I was silenced in world champion 2017 without any specific reason .. that i talk yesterday in "sport ways"
I said goal and some thing like that .. to find that the moderator use racism because i am Muslim and Arabian this game really not making "superior" decision and rules because i didn't make offense against any one or to any one in that world or speak in hate speech or any thing that conflict the user agreement that i accept it when playing this game i want this topic to reach the involved party that they can to settle an account with this stupid moderator
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  • gamerdruid
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    Can you be a bit more specific? I am unaware of any moderator with the power to silence players in-game. We are moderators of the forums, not in-game behaviour.

    Can you send the 'name' of the moderator by private message to either me (I know it wasn't me) or to @enigm who isn't a moderator but a senior developer.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • MR gamdrud .. it 's master-syr here .. you told me to not talk in **** stuff in veteran world and i wasn't know that it is problem to talk in such thin in Germany and i am instant stopped because it is conflict with your agreement .. but in wcs i am really didn't talk offense to any one or harm any one .. it is all about victory and some victorious words .. i can't know who is silenced me i am only silenced without any warn !!
    or explain ... if i am silenced for some reason i really hope to know it ..

    Regards for the honor people
  • methuselah
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    I'm having a hard time understanding anything beyond the big picture here and that is you feel you've been muted in chat but what you are describing is beyond the domain as I understand it of most mods, could you clarify who you think did this and why?

    The last part of that seems pretty obvious to me, I'm guessing you are chatting and no one is listening, but I don't want to assume so please clarify.

    By the way I edited your topic title at least until we get to the bottom of this. Thanks.
  • Why i get muted every time i logging ???
    is it personal let me know to get ride of all this game and stop wasting more money because of some special personal person issues
    It is upset that you don't know why and who mute me !!
    Didn't you knew your game developer !! i remember when gamerdruid ask me to stop in **** things because it is prohibited in Germany i immediately stopped that i wasn't know it is strictly prohibited and now i ask why i get muted? to stop the thing that make you mute me ..

  • Disturbed71
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    Dear master-syr,

    i personally don`t know whats happening to you, but what i know is, that you use, so called "racism context" weeks/months before while playing - When other player forward this "disturbance" ingame to me i have a personal look and i see what you wrote.
    So every word has its Background i guess - maybe for provoking others or made yourself interesting.
    But some context was never fun, never been a joke and as a human being i give you the respect of intelligence in thinking.

    What disturbes me at the Moment is your Thread Title and again in your first post.

    Lets state this absolutly clear from the Moderator-Team - The Moderator Team is Multinational, absolutly noone from it, has so called "racism tendencies" and no one CAN!!! or will take action ingame for personal raciscm reasons, except to forward this issues to the EA-Responsables, to prevent the whole community from a "Thinking in the game, communicating with others, in such a way" That needs noone in real-life and especially in a computer-game.

    So at least, the Moderator-Team can`t handle things ingame, but can handle things in forum and will.
    Depending on my personal respect to you, i let yourself edit the first post wisely on a neutral base.

    I am a Community Moderator, not an Official EA Representative.

  • I don't talk in racism in game i only want to know why i get muted and who is the one who is muting me in game "silenced "
    If i know the reason i will stop it immediately because i wont been silenced every time , you can tell me id a player can silenced me i guess no he can't
    Then please tell me what i do to been silenced and what i have to do to prevent being silenced again
  • gamerdruid
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    Let's make this clear -
    1) moderators can not change in-game settings.
    2) moderators can not silence players in-game
    3) moderators can not change anything in-game only in these forums.

    So, what makes you think it is a moderator?

    If you are being the subject of abuse then send the evidence to EA support who do have the ability to silence players, who do have the ability to ban players.

    Also, I'm a little confused - your t1s1t2s2 account isn't on the WCS 2017 server so how can it be silenced?
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • methuselah
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    If you edit the topic title one more time I will remove the post completely and suspend your posting privileges. I understand that you have an issue you are frustrated with but I will not have you accusing moderators of racism without backing it up.

    Present your issue reasonably or do not present it at all. Thank you.
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