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Research Points fast for NOD and how to move from ocean to further into the middle faster

i'm getting research points really slow like super slow i'm level 10 and i only researched rocket squads (dumb move)
i need help for getting research points faster so i can get my second base founded.
also how do you move your base faster to the center i'm stuck next to the ocean.


  • gamerdruid
    3881 posts Moderator
    Which world you're on and how long it has been going will make a difference. This is a long term game, you don't get to the centre in a week or even a month.

    Joining a successful alliance if it is an established world will assist you, they will have good bonuses that will boost your ability to kill camps and outposts. Many alliances have training wings, join one of them for advice on how to progress quickly. Read and apply the info in the tips section of this forum, guides are sticky.

    You will also need to spend a great deal of time online and some money. One of the best places to start to learn the game and the etiquette of the game (there are a lot of 'rules' that upset experienced players such as killing their camps when they are attacking them) would be to join the PTE. It can give a flavour we are generally a friendly bunch.
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