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Been a while...

I haven't played in a couple years since Wrath 2. Any cliff notes on what's changed? What's been nerfed? Changing strategies? I reclass they were about to nerf the blue payout from FA as I was finishing up. I see they brought Morale back... does that apply to FA too?

Hoping to see a new USA world in the near future - looks like it's been a couple months.



  • gamerdruid
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    To address your questions in reverse order:
    No new country specific worlds are introduced.
    They now have 3 variants that are used.
    1) Forgotten Attacks with willingness/morale/forgotten boosts
    2) Forgotten Attacks without the above
    3) 'Classic' with no forgotten attacks but with willingness/morale/forgotten boosts

    They are expected to introduce a Basic world with no Forgotten Attacks and no morale etc but no timeline for that.

    They've also introduced Veteran worlds with a totally different scheme of scoring and aim.
    Challenges have also featured over the last 2 years, although they may have been around before then.

    As to what's been changed in gameplay, it is probably best to visit a world to learn. If you manage to join a good group then they will guide you on the differences. Wrath 18 would be a good place to start.
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