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Question about malice

Hi all,
Ive played this game a long time and just wondering about malice.
But not alot of classic worlds.
Lets say im attacking a base 10 levels over my offense and willingness is showing 45%
if the base is level 45 and my offense is 35
but i have 44 cobras and 35 infantry
will the willingness be the same on all units?
or will my cobras get less willingness than my infantry?


  • gamerdruid
    5022 posts Moderator
    I don't think anyone but the developers will be able to answer that one, or if they wish to share the information.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • methuselah
    465 posts Senior Moderator
    I believe willingness is based on your overall army not the individual units. Druid is right, we need a dev to answer for sure but in my opinion in the example you provide all your units will be affected
  • My experience is as follows. There is a percentage (e.g. 35%) penalty applied to all units in your army. There is a random factor, however. The random factor determines that some classes of units are affected more than that penalty and others less (e.g. infantry 29%, vehicles 41%, air 36%), then every fraction of a second those random factors change. So the simulator always gives you the result for that fraction of a second, but when you attack it will be a different one. But on average it's the same (35%) for all units.
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