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Continuous production not increasing

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edited August 2017
I have noticed this is the past few days but it may have been happening earlier on Tib12. I just increased three of my harvesters which should have improved continuous production by 1,500,000 for each harvester giving an overall increase of 4,500,000. But continuous production did not increase at all. I've also noticed that sometimes it does improve but not by the whole amount stated on the harvester for next upgrade. Just did one that said I would get 1,500,000 per hour increase but I only got around 300k. What is the difference between getting 1,500,00 per hour for the next level but only 300K for continuous production per hour? This is ridiculous if a fault. Can someone advise please


  • ArveK_GDI
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    edited August 2017
    It would be better to solve this issue if you included a screenshot of your city. How can we (the community) help you investigate the problem when we don't know the level of your harvesters and your silos attached? This is obviously a math issue, but sadly we can't setup and test the calculation without knowing all the variables...
    Regards, ArveK
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