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17.5 Patchnotes

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Hello Commanders,

Here we present you the newest patchnotes with all the changes and fixes we will introduce with the 17.5 update.

New Transfer Feature:
- It is now possible to receive resources from multiple bases,
- You can select which bases you want to get resources from;
- You can still specify the amount of resources on a percentage basis.

Alliance Marker:
- There is still a maximum amount of 10 markers per alliance but reservation markers are excluded, every player can set his own.
- The mini-icons for reservation markers are now by default not shown (it is now possible that there are 10 (alliance) + 50 (player) markers active, which could cause chaos on your map)

- The relocate button displays now its tooltip for pending relocate downtime.
- The button for deactivated attack displays now its tooltip for attack downtime.
- The repair all button displays now its tooltip for repair downtime.
- All base icons in the sidebar show properly again.
- All repair costs can be fully seen again.
- Attack reports now load on every startup and therefore won't disappear.
- Fixed various displacements of texts and icons in tooltips, sidebars and hints.
- Alliance description text is now fully readable again.
- Player links in hall of fame only link to the specific players if they are playing on this server.
- Replying in chat now properly refers to the right addressor, even when receiving a new message while typing
- Second Commander is now able to change his own rank.
- Fixed a bug where no indicator was set if moved into the attack range of the Forgotten Fortress.
- Fixed a bug which allowed players to have more than one reservation marker.
- Color adjustments for a better visibility were performed.
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