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Game frozen repair time for 5 days

Hi, I have been waiting 5 days for relocate player to un grey and allow me to jump to the sector with my team. I had 2 destruction of all bases in a pvp war, and myself and a team mate jumped sectors. I understand it adds cooldown time when that happens but It will not allow me to accumulate repair time. I can collect packages and upgrade bases to maintain my ranking while i'm on cooldown, but the clock on repair time is frozen on all my 5 bases. My main fighter base is halted at 2:00:00 exactly for days, 2 others at zero, and 1 at 6 days and change. It is only on Tiberium 25 Europe server. I play on Tib 20,and tib 28, no issues. I am now VERY FRUSTRATED, and ready to stop playing all the servers because of lack of support. EA was no help at ALL, and pointed me here to you guys. H E L P !!!!!


  • Hello plane wrencher, we'll help you as soon as possible, but before we can help you we need your in-game account name. Could you also please clearify your problem? I don't understand all of your sentences:
    "My main fighter base is halted at 2:00:00 exactly for days, 2 others at zero, and 1 at 6 days and change."
  • hi my in game name is plane_wrencher, im on german hitpower team on world 25 europe server. My repair time is frozen, which means the clock stopped when i click on mt base info from map view. I also cannot sector jump since last Saturday. If I cant get this fixed im stoppping ALL my games on the servers. Why spend the money if no support??
  • update to when I jumped sectors. Thursday August 10-2017 , my bases were destroyed 2 days earlier on Tuesday, it is now 1 full week later, and I have no way to move still, and have no repair time still as my clock on my base info telling me how much RT if is STOPPED!!
  • On top of not being able to move, Im losing my ranking now too as i cant dig!!!!!
  • As i can see at World 25 your Bases are all at 100% health and your relocation problem, i suggest, exists because of this in-game rules: https://forums.ea.com/en/commandandconquer/discussion/comment/1680442#Comment_1680442
    If your base is at maximum health and no building is damaged, there is no (Base) Repair Time that would count up.
  • Ok makes sense thank you
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