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World 77: Can't research new base (Maximum bases?)

About a 2 weeks ago, I placed down my 30th base. Shortly after that, I purchased my 31st base, but have yet to place it down. I remember my next base countdown time was 4000+ hours and knew it would be a long time. About a 1 week ago, I noticed my countdown timer stopped working (I can't remember if it was related to once of the maintenance cycles). After playing with different scripts, I disabled them all and finally noticed that I am not longer given the option to research a new base.

Anyone have any thoughts on what I can do? Is 30 or 31 a limit?



  • Hello IrvTheCurve, it's not a bug you're facing, it's the end of the world :) Yes, there's a maximum of 31 Bases.
  • Thank you Tjapka! (31 seems like a strange number for the maximum number of bases, but good to know)
  • gamerdruid
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    It isn't when you consider that the first base is numbered 0 it is the magic computer of 32 that is in control I suspect.
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