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GENERALS 2 RTS Game 2018!

Hello! Sorry for google translate!

I ask to create a petition on the way out Generals 2 !
Time to back reality without features wars! "Tiberium wars" &"red alert 3"
We need good new RTS game!
Generals 1 was perfect when is come out!
When you show Generals 2 alpha and says that the game will free to play it was terrible worse idea! Sorry but I will honest!
Today I watched old gameplay Generals 2 and I want to say my opinion!

If You have Frostbitete 2 why
Grass and trees do not move, there is no living shadow from them, there is no day and night! In the last part there were Night cards, so make it change day and night and the lights switched on themselves at the traffic lights themselves and at the projector towers this game engine can do everything! Too futuristic as the awful C & C Tiberium / red alert 3! Generals are a classic real building and technique. Sounds in the game are not realistic and in some places too computer! Minicart is not beautiful at all. And most importantly: the game should not be conditionally free! (No free to play) It is necessary to pay attention to small details! Personally I did not play myself in the alpha version, but I know that I can tell a lot about the necessary improvements!

Thank you!



  • Yeah the game was cancelled long ago
    Images not allowed? How dare you!
  • Problem with F2P? It was amazing anyway.
    Btw a remastered version of C&C G and C&C G ZH would be awesome as well :)
  • Dear EA, Don't mind the critics in GENERALS 2. I'm sure there are millions of players wanting to Play Generals 2. Please make a
    *single player campaign,
    *Lan Games (local)
    *Online Game..
    add N.Korea, Japan, S. Korea, Russia, and Philippines in your list of nations,
    We are tired of playing DOTA 2... LOL
  • EA doasent care about pc players at all. Buying up every company they can and kill them is their style nowdays.
    Killing C&C is EA s biggest mistake, C&C has a very big fanbase and EA is just **** on them, so i say boycot EA.
    I hate EA and will never ever buy another game from them, until they bring C&C back to life.
  • millions of players
    I doubt that
    EA doasent care about pc players at all.
    What? I have like 47 games on Origin.
    boycot EA
    I have Battlefront II preordered
    Images not allowed? How dare you!
  • Eh dude i guess that you are about 12 or something, do you even know anything about RTS games or their history?
    Dont make comments about something you doasent care about, go play youre other 47 **** games.
    This thread is about RTS.
  • do you even know anything about RTS games

    I do, I have a bunch of RTS games on my account. Also, they're a dying genre. They are not that popular nowadays. In games like League of Legends, it is simpler to control one dude than a whole bunch of units. Why go through the complexity and depth when you can play something more easier. That's one of the reasons why LoL is so popular. Now would EA make an RTS game with little or no profit in return in today's market? Hell no.
    Images not allowed? How dare you!
  • If ea makes free to play games they wont get any profit no, and no profit if they make crap like Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight either. Make Generals 2 a AAA title and it will sell gold.
    I think the RTS genre is on the rise again, just look att starcraft remastered, and Warcraft 4 is coming for sure. Total remake of Age of empires 1 2 3 and number 4 is coming. Spellforce 3 and many more.

    If ea cant see these signs i think they should sell the license for C&C, coz that game deserve so much more than this.
  • It is highly unlikely that they will sell the license.
    Images not allowed? How dare you!
  • YEA STUPID EA Bring back orginal good C&C Generals 2 Dont mess up all games u buy
  • I play zero hour with a lot of my friends, we play a 15 years old game !
    A new release is necessary
  • Whatch this there are a few realy nice total conversations of the game amasing to play
    Rise of the reds
    Shockwave mode and many more
  • from the release of C&C until around 2007 I had the best games on my whole life. I remember when they announced the new C&C in around 2013, I bought an Alien Ware fully loaded and wating for the game, then they canceld it?? what a horrible feeling. Please at least do a remastered one HD with better online improvements.

  • O C'mon i can't stand this wait anymore i have heard rumors about CNC general 2 being made, is it true ? ? Must i truly wait until i'm 90 years old before it happens !!! I NEED MY CNC GENERALS 2 FIX PLLLLLEEEEEAAAAAASSSSSSEEEEEE
  • 2sky4me
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    edited February 2018
    Is this just a rumor to stoke some more anxiety without any light at the end of the tunnel or could it be that this might be the best news ever in existence ?


    The other day i told a mate of mine look at this, showing him a screenshot of Generals 2.

    He told me i have not seen any other game that looks so authentic ever, and full of detail, then i showed him a demo YT clip of generals 2 and he was absolutely blown away. ANd just beyond puzzled why a masterpiece such as this got cancelled.

    That is exactly how i always feel, it is now 2018 and it's still untouchable ! ! !

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  • tsk..post above spelling fixed. :)
  • methuselah
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    I'd love a new Generals game, I'm not holding my breath though :/
  • estou esperando a anos por favor EA nos de esse Presente aos fans de todo o mundo ,esse e um dos melhores jogos de estrategia ,assim como a serie sudden strike nuca vai morrer pela comunidade
  • Just remaster cnc generals and see how Many players would Play it. New graphics little Balance patch and thats it. When its hype create cnc gen 2 and Make out of this a big esports title
  • Please bring back Generals 2 and all subsequent extension packs . I've been trying to obtain this game for a long time now and I not able to do it. I will pay to buy this game and all extension packs as I really love it. Need information on where to buy. Thanks!
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