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Substitution exceed 50% of active day count


Does anyone know what happens when you have had an substitution for more than 50% of the time since the account was created? It reads that it is the max, but what will happen to the account when the timer is exceeded? Will the sub just expire, or will the account also ghost (all bases go to limbo)


  • gamerdruid
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    Nothing happens - the system is broken!
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  • The system incorrectly counts up the "active substitution days". I have an account that has 34 "exist days" and *36* "active sub days". This is obviously an error and Origin/EA have been notified, but have not acknowledged the error or fixed it.

    When you exceed the 50% rule, you cannot substitute for an *unknowable* period of time. Yes, Origin/EA knows when the violation penalty will end, but you will not be told. During the penalty lockout, people can send you their sub requests and you can accept them, but you cannot log into the sub accounts. The substitution restriction is wrong on so many levels that it needs to be completely eliminated from the game.
  • gamerdruid
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    The period, at least in theory, can be calculated by you. If you've been on a world a long time and the 50% has been reached the off time will be different to those that haven't been on so long a time.

    After a little play on a spreadsheet, I've found that in the first 3 months you can have 4 days substitution and 4 days non-substitution before reaching the 50% mark As the number of days you're on the world increases the number of days without substitution needs to increase as each day is adding only a small percentage. This, of course, assumes the system is working and as already discussed in another thread it is not for every world.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • Right I sub my Alts to my Main account
    Once the 50% limit is reached I have to renew the sub
    also a Sub has to be renewed EVERY Month
    This renewal in fact resets the 50% timer to nil
    So if you Sub just ask the owner to renew his Sub once a month
  • this is just bad news for players on old worlds. i have 50 % subs in an alliance on 2 old worlds. without these, those worlds will die. old friends login everyday and chat, we regularly hit the fortress on w47 and kill it. again, without these subs, that world will die. and don't tell me/ us to try a new world, there is no point. your professional team players all join a new world and will hit the fortress within 2 months of the start. there is no fun there. do NOT fix the broken subs issue. thank you
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