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Laying new base

When I drop a new base, must it be close to my current cluster? Or can I drop it somewhere farther away from my other 5 bases, where there are more layouts/ camp bases/ outposts, than in my current location.


  • Nyerguds
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    edited August 2017
    It depends on the game... in C&C1 it has to actually touch the other buildings, even if just with a corner. In later C&C games some spacing is allowed between the buildings. In C&C3, a radius is displayed around your structures, though they kind of screwed up the game by nerfing this just to compensate for the fact they didn't foresee base line spam using cranes. I mean, yeah, there's a reason MCVs cost so much, y'know... it's to prevent that -_-

    You can expand to other areas using MCVs, and in C&C3 using the Surveyor / Emissary units.
  • You can only create bases in a firm fields radius of all your bases. Which the scripts i use i can scan in a 25 field radius every base, i think that is the same range you can create a new base.
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