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Fix Script Errors For Firefox ( 55.0.3 (32-bit) )

Currently on the pte server and only using the pte-cheat script to avoid having to click buttons. I was constantly having errors and still some with no scripts enabled . While working on something else i turned off Multi process support in Firefox. I noticed a short time after i had went on TA that i had stopped getting errors so i enabled it again and the errors were coming back so a clear connection. So it appears errors that are being blamed on the game or script extensions may in fact be a side effect of using multi process in Firefox. Chrome also has this feature enabled but i have not tested it. So for anyone who wants to try it type
" about:config " in the url bar , click enter and then in the search below type " browser.tabs.remote.autostart " . double click it to turn to false and restart the browser. I cant say it will work for everyone but i have not had an errors in weeks now. Have fun with this one devs :smiley:


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