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Unable to change alliance description on new world Tib 29

97 posts Member
edited September 2017
Unable to change alliance description, change it, preview it, click ok, close and reload and everytime it reverts to pre-edit and no 'alliance description changed' message appears in status area.

tried from multiple cic/sic accounts and various browsers, results the same for all.


  • Sorry, just double checked, the error is on world Tib 29
  • Solved our own problem, it was due to a word deemed unacceptable in alliance information. We had stated 'we don't discriminate on race, sex, religion or origin.. it seems have the word 'sex' caused constant rejection of the description, but without any sort of informative message or reason given.
  • gamerdruid
    5037 posts Moderator
    Use the term gender, that should work.
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