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Does Tacticus level decline on every shieldcontrol, are there a difference if you have 4 shields and 6 shields?


  • The level of the fortress is set by the level of the top players when the shield is dropped for the first time (and subsequently after each kill it is reset and set at the next dropping of the shield).

    You can reduce the level of the fortress by the injection of the virus, up to 25 levels. The time it is reduced for that amount is set by how many injections of viruses are made. Up to 48 injections can be made (6 hubs x 8 players per hub) and needs to be carefully controlled to maximise the chances of killing the fortress. It is often useful to be in an alliance to learn how it is done and to watch and learn that way. You can often get into an alliance that is going to kill the fortress when the fortress has fallen 7 or 8 times already and the world is almost dead.
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  • Thanks, then I (we) know the maximum decline of Tacticus, in Världen2 we have Tacticus at lvl95 !!
  • 95 is the maximum a fortress will reach - so 70 is the lowest the injections can bring it down to.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • Barak4544
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    Hi, if we ever deactivate the shield and inadvertently lose a hub and the shield reactivates again, does the level and configuration of tacitus change? And another question, how much level does the tacitus change between the alliances that attack him?

  • Developers have never provided the calculations behind the fortress. Experience has proven that a recalc is based on a shield reset, not from fortress destruction. Then again, the formula is different for all worlds. So good luck and don't get caught up in what the level is.
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