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Return from farmville

In my opinion (and several others), the overblown importance of base layouts is one of the main factors contributing to this game becoming more like farmville and less like a war game. The entire process of looking for, reserving, waiting for and fighting over base layouts is ridiculous.
Why should we have to spend countless hours scanning for base layouts?
This should be a war game, not a game to see who is lucky enough to find the best base layouts and use them to gain some advantage. It would be far better even to just set up resource production/mining areas where holding the areas would provide some useful benefit.

If everybody's production levels are the same.. it would level the playing field somewhat.

In the same vein, I feel the newer fortress assault rules should also be removed and put back to the way it was. Having a fortress counterattack winners and removing people's satellite codes is just a bad idea. It doesn't really accomplish the intended purpose of preventing center hoarding by a winning alliance. Instead, it is just another boring set of additions to the game which accomplish nothing really, except to delay progress.
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