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Red Alert 3 install problem

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edited October 2017
I have the boxed version. I had to uninstall the game, but during the process of "gathering information" I had a blackout, so uninstall was interrupted. Now, that followed with that I couldn't restart uninstalling process, because no response were generated by trying (not even the DVD\Support\Red Alert 3_uninst.exe made anything after execution), so the only way I could remove the game was the old fashioned delete. Which after I dived into the registry and removed every entry that was related to RA3 or EA and all other folders placed on the system drive (Windows XP Pro SP3). Even ran through a full registry and system information cleanup with such 3rd party maintenance tools.

The problem is:
When I insert the DVD, to reinstall the game, the autorun offers not to install it, but to play it, which is impossible, since the game no longer exists on my computer (and by clicking it, the autorun just opens the DVD's content in a window). Tried to manually find an execution file to start the installation process, but the only thing I was able to reach, was the cd-key verification window, which only got terminated without further progress, after clicking the 'next' button.

So, somewhere the game still registered as installed, but I can't find where (looked up every entry in regedit, but couldn't find anything else that was related to the game, or EA). Or I don't know, what is it's problem. I really, don't wish to reinstall Windows just because of this.
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