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After a month of waiting TA releases the worst version of the game they have. Last time I played Forgotten attacks with morale I left it. It **** that bad. Games are suppose to be fun not work. TA has really destroyed this community with greed trying to suck out every penny from the last of the loyal player's. Why don't you **** trying playing your product and see how enjoyable you have made it. Seriously spend a year of your life with the **** your putting out and then you will understand why your community is gone.


  • methuselah
    129 posts Senior Moderator
    Well that was positive and uplifting :D

    Look I've been very outspoken about some of the changes over time have had a negative impact on the overall fun of the game. PvP has slowly but surely almost been ruled out of what is supposed to be a combat game which is really silly. Not everyone loves PvP I get that, even historical C&C'ers oftentimes might prefer skirmish but there should be better balance right now the game is very farmvilleish.

    At the end of the day though if you want to express those frustrations constructively there are people here every day listening. The clock can't be turned back, we can't go back 2,125 days (the launch of Closed Beta 1) and redo things but changes are still being made regularly so there are folks trying.

  • There have been several comments and requests for forgotten attacks worlds without morale, while I havent really seen many people (if any) requesting forgotten attacks world with morale. There is no benefit I can see of adding morale to forgotten attacks worlds other than to negatively effect game progress speed.
    The same can be said about worlds with horrific starting layouts, there is no reason for those either, other that to satisfy a handful of farming fanatics who don't like seeing things 'too easy' for all players. It seems that over time there have been constant changes to slow things down, to make the worlds take longer to complete.

    In my opinion, people want the speed of game progress increased, with better loot rewards and better rp rates, including loot and rp for pvp, more along the lines of the old economy servers. I occasionally visit one of the older worlds and noticed just the other day that on that world, destroying a lvl 56 camp pays the same resources and rp as killing a level 65 camp in new economy. This is one of the main reasons this game has turned into farmville, where everybody wants to find that 6touch tib layout, or the perfect layout for power, crystals or credits. In the old economy base layout was never the sort of critical issue it is in this newer farmville version of the game.
  • I had a slightly different take on it. My thinking is that each of the variations can have their place or moment. (even FA + Morale) Just depends on how often the next worlds are opened up so that players can skip the ones they dont want to go on.
  • Tiberiumz .. you are noob player imho , wait till u played a few yrs , then you wont like the fa, morale servers
  • Iz3zSFXLnGs81 dude why are you posting this here? I think you need to find better people to play with.
  • The spammer has been at his 'work' for over 1 year now. He is one sick person.
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  • Thanks for removing the Spam GD
    He sure is a sick syco
  • A little off topic: I didn't remove the spam our anti-spam system did.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • methuselah
    129 posts Senior Moderator
    You should have taken credit druid, no one ever says thank you :p
  • XXXO77O4906
    562 posts Senior Moderator
    I have re-cleaned this and many other threads now, sorry for the spam again. We all have been doing our best to combat him. Just today I am pretty sure I nuked close to 100 full pages of thread and board spam since our system had a little snag.

    Basically cleaning as fast as we can............ he does not like to give up.
    Volunteer EA Forums Senior Moderator, EA SWBF Mod and EA Answers HQ Hero.
  • Hi! I'm back after a long time and I want to tackle this spammer problem the proper way.
    If he's able to spam 100+ threads worth of non-sense and "eula breaking word syntax", then this means that there might not be even a he, perhaps a spam bot. One possibility I see is that this is not a single spam bot but maybe a "DDoS" or Distributed Denial of Service - designed to specifically to overload and crash the server. It seems however that he failed for attempting to stop the forums. Maybe he hates TA to the point he created a DDoS to crash the forums.
    I could suggest this, create a new forums with restrictive controls to players who has morals... e.g. whitelist only players who really prefer the game and are within the terms of service. In that forums, move all the recent topic and reclassify them inside. Leave a "Open-air" forums for new players, spammers and novices to mingle, with content auto-resetting every few days.
    I also want to see a RA series fashioned after TA, and it seems Yuri is the best substitute for the forgotten, challenging and filled with unexpected twists.
    Like each time you fail an offfense against Yuri, you loose a unit if there is a mind-control unit within the defense setup. Those 2 units must meet at the attack at some point. What happens to the unit is simple, it gets added to the defense of Yuri's. Take note that Mind-control units and structures should appear in a small percentage only. Instead of 2 to choose from why not 3? The factions from RA3.
  • Our spammer is a 'he' and we have a lot of details about him and his location. This is actually a new forum, he started originally in the old forum. There is follow up on the technical side of the location of our spammer who thinks he's managed to hide is location and identity. Most of the time we're able to defeat his spamming, sometimes our system times out.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • Why not attempt to white-list some content to restrict the spammer? I know attempting to black-list him won't work.
  • Unfortunately he starts his own threads. It is not feasible to restrict the starting of threads for new members as that would prevent many newcomers to the game asking questions.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • How long has he been spamming the forums? When I saw him spam last July, he was doing it by once every 3 to 4 minutes.
    Could one attempt to blacklist names with a jumbled sense of letters? One where you read it in english won't have a reference to a noun. I mean all his names aren't even english to a sense.
  • Is This one of PUTINS BOTTS AT WORK :0)))))
    But on a more serious side If his Email address was banded each time, (I know he will just get another) But Banning each address every time, Even The Biggest **** will over time get feed up having to get another Email address
  • He's automating everything - new email address and user names. He's been doing this for well over 15 months now.

    Some techniques sound good on paper until you then find the forum software does not allow such features. This forum software is common to almost all EA titles so we can't adjust things just for our spammer, much as we'd like to, as changes need to be global.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • What I was referring to is banning accounts with wrong grammar; the one where you type in a bunch of letters and Microsoft word does not recognize. It will somehow force his to fix his own weird grammar.
    Couldn't we have him prosecuted to whatever state he belongs? I mean this is a very annoying case that could have him sentenced in court.
    Another idea I had is to let him spam all he wants in a forum that is dedicated to be erased again and again. Does this seem like a good idea?
  • I have responded privately :)
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • I was wondering why at my local time of 8 onwards, the spammer ceases activity, Is this the reason behind why he must be in the US? Also how come he stopped spamming messages when starting a new spam thread?
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