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Dear EA

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Please produce a new C&C Game. And not something like Tiberium Twilight . Please back to the roots.
C&C Red Alert 2 and 3 are to colorful and hurt my eyes (and nobody needs a frame around selected units.) The HP bars are enough (It would be great if I can disable them to.

The best C&C games are C&C1 / Red Alert 1 (with mission packs), Generals , Tiberium Wars and my personal favorite game "Tiberium Sun and Firestorm"

Tiberium Sun has a good scenario with Ion Storms, meteoroids, plants, animals and the changed environment and light effects. The world in this game gives a good immersion. I can build cool bases with walls and defenses and the skirmish maps are not E-sports maps because they aren`t mirrored and have a fog of war.

Tiberium Wars changed a lot (from Tiberium Sun) and is a good game to but I can`t build a wall and in Kane`s Wrath I have only this stupid small base building area. (The base building space is to limited).
I want only a good campaign (with base building) like in Tiberium Sun, where I can build my base (sometimes) quietly and fight with huge armies.

I read an article from the biggest game magazine in my country. They talked about rts games and why there are so less good rts games nowadays. And they said it too. Less innovation, back to the roots. (The classic elements) They said every time they released new information about Age of Empires remaster and the other new AoE games. They get so much clicks like every other big triple AAA game or more, it beats all other gamescom games. For them it means the players are still there but they don`t wan`t new moba rts games like DoW 3 or something else. They want the classic where you can build a big base and all the other parts what the old rts games have.
At last they said the developer should shameless use the retro feeling and if the developer and publisher don`t realise it after this big AoE and impact then they have no plan what rts gamer want.

And if you don`t want to produce a new game then please remaster your old games. ( I have to use Mods and unofficial patches to get the games run on Win 10 and they could have an game engine overhaul). Tiberium Sun with the engine from Tiberium Wars would be really great.

If you would search on the web you would see that a lot of people play your old games. Not every new game need some new innovations and simplifications and lot of changes.

I think that`s the reason why nobody bought the last games (Tiberium Twilight and the stupid Generals Online Game) I remember there was a big **** storm.

I think if you would only produce a Vid where you play some classic C&C music and show only the letters. "We are back with the classics" or " Back to the roots" you would dominate the game news.



  • Ah yes those types of threads again. That last bit of hope.
    Images not allowed? How dare you!
  • methuselah
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    I share his wish, I wish EA would either get something going or sell the rights to the franchise to someone that would.
  • There seems to be little going for this great game command and conquer, with my love for the games, I continually play the old versions time and time again.
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  • Jcore1
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    Some years after I created this Topic: Thanks for the Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert 1 remaster.
    (okay TD wasn't so great because the AI is stupid as hell) so I played a lot more Red Alert 1 because the game has some more improvements.

    So now I really hope that we soon get the best C&C game too " Tiberian Sun + Firestorm"

    As I wrote Oct 11. 2017 It's the best C&C game.
    If it gets a remake in the old engine but everything with high detail. I'm really happy.

    Please add the game.ini in it too. I love to change what players can build or the most important thing how far and fast tiberium spreads.

    If it get's a new engine then please with all the love the game deserves. As I wrote it would be nice to get it in a new one like C&C Tiberian Wars, but what I don't like from this game is the low detailed environment and units (and the faster faster and faster gameplay) no cool base building etc. Yes I played C&C3TW a lot but Tiberian Sun much more. ) Okay I'm still playing it XD because the 4 campaigns are so good.

    About Ra2 and 3 pfff It's difficult (RA2 is good. It has a really cool campaign, but the art style not 100% mine) and RA3 I don't talk about this game, it wasn't good.)

    And if you create a new C&C game. Please no rotating buildings and please add walls again and cool base building as in C&C Tiberian Sun or RA 1 and RA2.

    Again I have to thank you for the really cool C&C TD and RA1 remaster and I hope I can write here soon again to thank you again for the remake of the best C&C game.

  • Also please keep it 2-d but with improved pre-rendered graphics and animations. As soon as the franchise went 3d, it turned to crap imo.
  • Tiberian Sun is still the best strategy game to date
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