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No access to other servers

I am currently on 3 servers. W96, W102 and Wrath 18. When I click on change servers, nothing changes. It does not bring up server choices. At this point I can only get into Wrath 18


  • gamerdruid
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    w96 and w102 are old servers - is it a very long time since you played on them?
    Have you tried the 'world browser' route ? Have you tried changing 'in-game', in other words going into wr18 and then choosing 'options'>> 'My Games' ? What do you see when you try this route? Can you show a screen shot of the displays?

    I'm not on w96 so can't check anything. On W102 you are shown as last logging on yesterday @ 19:29 server time. (I happen to be in your alliance so can see that info :) )
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  • Close all your browser windows, open a new browser window, clear your cache, then login to CNC TA. You'll have to wait through all the graphics downloading, but it should clear your issue
  • Thanks, I could get to the other servers using options, but the clearing of cache solved all my issues.
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