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Wrath 19 - More garbage

Yet another new world, totally horrid layout, forgotten attacks with morale.. Work hard to get new base to replace the worthless garbage layout given.. gain some advantage by finding decent layout for base 2, transfer main attack base.. spend extra time farming against morale.. No Thanks, I think I have had about enough of this type of player abuse..
I for one will not be playing or funding anymore worlds like these, I hope others can join me in this boycott until we return to a game that is actually fun to play and not a farmville farm-athon environment.


  • ArveK_GDI
    82 posts Member
    edited October 2017
    Yeah, not a fan about the morale part. Lets just hope the next world will be without it.

    Not agreeing about the layout part though, in my opinion it is kind of boring when everyone got the exact same main base. Also, the layouts they have chosen so far, usually have horrible defense layouts, so I have often ended up with switching mains later in the game anyway... :|
    Regards, ArveK
  • Everybody still gets the same main base, it's just a crappy one instead of something halfway decent.
    Remember, they started giving everyone same starting layouts to prevent stacks of alts being created until you got a decent starting layout when they were random per player.
  • gamerdruid
    5025 posts Moderator
    On local inspection of the bases around mine, they do indeed have the same layouts.
    enigm wrote:
    Each player on Wrath 19 will start with random resource layouts as well.
    doesn't seem to have been applied, unless it means everyone gets the same layout with it being randomly chosen at the world creation.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • Yes, I take that to mean all players will start with the same random layout. The one on wrath 19 almost even looks to bad to be random.
  • I for one will have to agree with Lord . FA +Morale is no more than a funds bucket . The Layouts are beyond trash in all servers . EA is focusing on the new Players who have not seen how much the game costs yet , and are willing to sink 100k funds not realizing that they are going no where . If that is your target market? That is fine . The Players like Lord and I who have Played 100 servers , led teams to the fort and spent more than our share ? You will not be seeing them . I have watched some of the top players in the game simply quit throughout the changes . EA has made this one of the most expensive games on the net as it stands , without even a slight consideration of a funds sale ? Very sad ! I for one can not afford a couple hundred U.S. dollers to compete with those with deep Pockets . For this kind of money , you can but a flat screen TV for Gods sake. Please do not try to rationalize the new FA+Morale servers, as it is 100% transparent . Bring back the old style servers, and we will play . Outside of that it will be simply jumping on a server to talk with old friends . Sad after 5 yrs
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