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Start in north win the center

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this is happening on tib 27, with Latin Crazy at the center and sending a column towards Perversion Quantum to block them three or four base movements from the hubs.
It happened on Tib 22 with AngryBirds.
As well it happened on Tib 1 with the Northern Empire starting in the north
I have played on Wrath 13. Dark Legion won on April 22.. I do not know if they started in the north
I have played on Tib 20 and Defcon 1 did it on April 2. I think they were in the north.
I have played on Tib 14. Dark Sword October of 2016. I think they started in the north.
I have played on Tib 4 and Donkey did it . They started in the north.

There seems to be 2 advantages. One a straight non diagonal line to the center. Advancing bases in a straight line 10-20 spaces below ones current position with A dig front 5 to 10 bases wide leapfrogging. The west, south and east also have a straight dig line like this. The second advantage could be psychological. Digging down might be easier psychologically than digging in any other direction.

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    Until the north is full, anyone can start there. Admittedly the need to be early on a world still exists, but starting in the north should not give extra advantage to the East, West or South. Could it be simply that those alliances that are best organised win they simply have chosen to start in the north?
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    I mentioned the maps I have played on. I think all were won from the north (again I do not know about the dark legion victory). I think it is interesting. Thanks for your reply.

    Edit, yes it could be for that reason.
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