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Help me please! (cannot conduct attacks)

I have two bases with command centers, i.e. offence bases: Hermannstadt and Freck.

For some reason, which I cannot explain for the life of me, I cannot conduct attacks with Freck. Hermannstadt is doing great in that domain.

I have a command center in that base (Freck), I have an army in it, and I have cp. But I cannot run sims, nor can I attack. I just hit the button and BAM ... nothing happens.

If you have any idea as to why this is happening, please drop a note!

Thanks in advance!



  • gamerdruid
    3881 posts Moderator
    The latest advice is to move all 'carried' units out of the carrying unit. Also, to move every unit from one location to a new position. It is suggested that a database isn't updating correctly and this forces a valid update. They're working on a more permanent solution.
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