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The Forgotten Fortress is still attacking after rebuilding, how long will this go on?

We Destroyed the FF on Sunday, and it just finished rebuilding, but when a player moved into the center area, his base was targeted and destroyed by the Forgotten Fortress. Players from a different alliance are able to enter the area safely. How long will the attacks continue and is there a timer somewhere?


  • gamerdruid
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    I believe it is 3 days from the completed rebuild. The markers indicate that a player will be targeted for an attack. Players that didn't belong to the alliance when the fortress fell are not targeted. (This may change.)
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  • This also happened to me once.

    After the Fortress stopped targeting me, I moved back inside the center area. Short after I was attacked by the Fortress. I guess this was caused by some kind of bug.

    After that incident, I always wait an additional 24 hours before I move back.
    Regards, ArveK
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