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C&C3 TW - MP Issue

Hello all,

I have had a disc of C&C3 for ages, but I have just now decided to begin playing the MP part of the game. However, I have been having issues in a couple areas.

1. I cannot connect with any servers. "Cannot connect to backend server" is the only message that will appear.
This is not a Firewall issue, I have triple checked the exceptions for this game.

2. The "Official Site" for C&C3 leads me to this Tiberium Alliances browser game, which is of no help to me. I cannot seem to find any site for the actual C&C3 game.



  • The servers of cnc3 TW & KW are down(forever). I use revora to play with other people online. You should try it.
    (tutorials on youtube)

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