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  • i have played all different worlds. Everyone always complains about ea getting to much money. Its a business that is there job. With that said i do believe they should have released a fa no moral world for those who want to play it. Releasing two of the same worlds make no sense. I think everyone **** at ea but it seems if you look at it. Alot of what they do is to fix other problems. Last year these forums were flooded with everyone **** about multi accounting. Now with fa and moral multi accounting is worthless. All them little alts cant weaken a base anymore. Some of these changes are obviously to fix exploit that are used. But again i think they should release all of the optional worlds. Maybe 1 of each each month.
  • This game has always been about exploits, finding any ways possible to eke out some advantage over others and as soon as the developers find some way to thwart them, new exploits will be found. It's a never ending cycle. The main problem is to me and others the game has just become increasingly not enjoyable to play due to all the limitations.
  • i have suggested upping the basic rt cp cap to 150 cp and 24 hours rt that mite be an encouraging start
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