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Where has Wrath 19 gone

Tried to join Wrath 19 with a New Account
But on Select world Wrath 18 But NO 19
so why can I not find it


  • skyfyre8
    140 posts Envision Developer
    Hey @RAYRON1946,

    on Wrath 19 all slots are occupied. That means you can't start with new accounts in that world and that's why this world is filtered in your view. You will only see the world if you already have an account there.
  • Thanks have a account there
    Wont bother with the new world that are coming up
  • skyfyre8
    140 posts Envision Developer
    Hey @RAYRON1946,

    great that this is sorted. Maybe we should show the world in the list anyway and state that it's full instead of not showing it at all?
  • gamerdruid
    5025 posts Moderator
    Showing full worlds that have recently started would be a good idea, but not the hundred or so numbered worlds that can't be joined. Maybe have the worlds that have started in the last year but are full showing as full, but leave out the others if they are unavailable. Or make it an option to filter out full worlds by default.
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